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Atlanta, GA your Next Business Destination

Coffee shop for a business is ideal for people like you who are in love with coffee and want other people to enjoy it as well. The question is do you have the capital to start your business? Do not fear. Because now you can start your won café even on a budget all you have to do is find a perfect location that can be very beneficial for you.

If you are looking for the best location, I highly recommend Atlanta, GA. This city has been capturing people’s attention for years now not only because of its great landmarks and museums but because the city is the perfect location for small and large businesses.

Why? Because it offers and provides the following:

It offers low cost of living

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This is a huge factor when it comes to business especially for small type business with limited financial resources. To be compared to others, Atlanta is known for being an inexpensive city. You don’t need a huge amount of money in order to experience the same lifestyle people in the big city are experiencing.

Aside from the low cost of living, Atlanta helps entrepreneurs like you by providing free classes for entrepreneurs and by organizing business events where small businesses like yours could showcase your products and service for the public to witness.

Offer very convenient transportation

For your information, the world’s busiest airport the Hartsfield Jackson Airport is here in Atlanta which means traveling is a lot easier and more affordable if your location is near the city. With this, you are able to meet up with international clients and transport your goods in and out of the town with no errands.

It’s a place ruled by tech hubs

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In the year 2012, Atlanta Tech Village opens up its doors as a business that gives chance to entrepreneurs to come together and exchange their ideas by providing an actual workspace for business owners to operate their daily tasks. Coffees shops here are not only a place of coffee but are also a meet up place for techie people.

Great economic growth

The cities growth and development from the past years had made it one of the best places to start a business. Unlike other cities, Atlanta values their cities establishment to the extent that your business will be part of the community you are in. It means, when you run into a financial problem, the community will get involved to keep your business sustained.

So, what are you waiting for? Schedule your next flight to Atlanta and have a meeting with the people you need to talk to with regards to putting up your small yet nice coffee shop within the city.


What Makes the City of Atlanta Unique and Interesting?

Where is your next weekend destination? If you are looking for something new and out of the ordinary, I recommend that you head straight to Atlanta, although it is one of the most populated cities in the State of Georgia in the United States. This city has great things to offer you can’t find in other places.

What makes Atlanta unique?

All the major cities have restaurants, bars, and nightclubs but Atlanta has something unique to offer. If you think that you know everything about Atlanta, GA well, think again.

The Georgia Aquarium

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The Atlanta’s Georgia Aquarium is the home to more than 100,000 animals with different species. You’ll be able to see a whale shark, sea horse, and visitors can have a closer look at the marine life behind the huge picture window.

The Center for Puppetry Arts

Atlanta is the place where you can find North America’s largest museum that is highly dedicated to the art of puppetry which is called the Atlanta home. The center puts on shows for kids and adults in order to inspire visitors to look at some of their classic childhood favorites.

The Zoo Atlanta

This is only one of four zoos in the US that has giant pandas but wait, Atlanta has the famous giant panda twin cubs which are twice the fun.

Can you see these are only some of the places you can enjoy here at Atlanta? But, your visit is never complete if you haven’t visited their amazing coffee shops. For your information, Atlanta, GA is the home to some of the famous café in the country such as,

Octane Coffee that offers the best chai tea lattes

Condesa Coffee offers the best espresso in town

Starbucks was all the best coffees hot and cold are served

Taproom Coffee used cultured beans and all brewed to order

Hodgepodge Coffeehouse and Gallery were you can find the best Frozen Mocha

Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee, their iced lattes are made with double shot

Drip Coffee Shop is where you can find the creamiest which offers the perfect blend of sweet and spice

San Francisco Coffee Roasting Co, offering the best Gluten Free Peanut Butter Cookies

Inman Perk Coffee has the most delicious pumpkin spice latte

These are only some of the coffee shops here in Atlanta and you’ll able to discover more once you visit the place. What are you waiting for? Talk to your friends and plan your next weekend getaway by going to Atlanta were new discoveries are endless.

Tips in Running a Successful Coffee Shop

Are you thinking about starting your very own coffee shop? If yes, let me tell you now that the journey is not that simple especially now that you have a huge number of competitors. How do you think you’ll able to step up from them?

In order to step-up from your competitors joining or attending Atlanta, GA Business Showcase is your best option. In this event, you’ll have the chance to meet other coffee shop owner and observe how they run their business. You’ll learn a lot from this event.

Another, you should take note of the following tips:

Set the café like a business

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I know for a fact that you set up this kind of business due to your passion for coffee, conversing with people, and making sweets. Although that is great, it is essential that you manage your business and be aware of what’s going on.

Similar to other businesses, as café owner, you have to know your margins, goals, meet important deadlines and set realistic targets for you and your staff. Do not worry; because you are running your business, you are free to do what you want.

Make sure that everything is fresh, new and exciting.

Once the shop is already set-up, the next thing you need to do is to keep it fresh and exciting, even if you have the most delicious coffee, eating and drinking the same thing every day can become a little boring. Make sure that your resume includes your core range of products and it keeps it that way.

Aside from that, you must ensure that you have certain items in your menu that are seasonal and change once in a while. The idea of this kind of business is to have something new every week.

Keep in mind that your staff is your greatest asset.

man 439040 960 720 - Tips in Running a Successful Coffee Shop

This is very true, even if you have the best menu in town. It’s useless if your staff is not serving it with the highest standard of customer service. You have to filter your applicants and seek for a great and outstanding employee. Your job does not stop there, as the boss you will have to spend some time with them and teach them everything they need to know.

As the owner, you’ll probably spend more time with your staff. They need your guide but, it does not mean that you’ll watch over them at all times, they also need some freedom and responsibility in doing their work.

Treat your customers like real royalty.

Attending to your customer needs is essential and you have to treat them as royalties. Although they are instances that it’s hard to even for your employees, for they are customers that are more demanding than the others. In this case, you have to remind your staff that the customers pay for their salary.

Be wise in spending money and place it on key equipment’s.

With your kind of business, it would be best if you’ll spend your money on key equipment like an espresso machine and a grinder. These machines are highly needed in coffee shops.

These tips can help you manage your coffee shop flawlessly even if you are encountering problems along the way.

Why Some Coffee Shops Succeed and Why others Fail?

Are you wondering why the nearest coffee shop near you suddenly closed, while the others are crowded with customers? Well, you can actually learn about that once you attend an Atlanta, GA Business Showcase. Here you’ll understand the hardships café owners have to go through just to keep their business going and you’ll have a better understanding of how coffee shop business really work.

For now, you should settle yourself as I provide the following reasons on why marketers have their own faith when it comes to coffee shop business.

From the start, the winning and losing groups have access to the same research sources, the same coffee schools, coffee business consulting and the same barista training. But still, how come some coffee shop entrepreneurs succeeded than others? That question has always started with a “why?”

1ST Reason: Most marketers starting a coffee shop business does not know why they are opening the shop. They can’t even justify their answers.

wood 3157395 960 720 - Why Some Coffee Shops Succeed and Why others Fail?

For a business minded person like you, you have your own reason as you start a business, the one who failed maybe has their reason but, it is not enough to be used as a driving force to be on top. People do not come to your shop because they love the coffee; they come to your café everybody because they appreciate your reasons for starting a coffee shop business.

2nd Reason: The ones who succeeded with their café offer something which is bigger than just a coffee.

If you don’t have an adequate reason for putting up a coffee shop, do you think you’ll have loyal customers? Of course, not, consumers have their own feelings and they have the ability to feel if an entrepreneur has a passion for what they do. More than just a coffee, your choice of business is who you really are and it’s a kind of lifestyle that can inspire others. These kinds of entrepreneurs are focused on what they do and they are doing it well. They are the ones that can change the world.

Now, you know why some succeed and why others fail in this kind of business. Having a café is not just revolving around the coffee and sweets that you offer but on why you are motivated by providing the most delicious coffee people are lining up for. That is something your competitors can’t attain, leading you to the path of victory.

To learn more about coffee shops and how to manage one, you should attend Atlanta, GA Business Showcase.

Secret behind the Success of Coffee Shops

Coffee is a huge part of my life. I can’t see myself waking up in the morning without having a coffee. Literally coffee is my life. If you have the same obsession on coffee and you love to eat and make your own cake and sandwiches, I have the best business idea for you, why don’t you start your very own coffee shop.

Does it sound fun and exciting right? Imagine you’ll be able to come up with your own brand name and invent coffee flavors. That would be awesome, but, let me tell you this. Like any other businesses out there, putting up and running a coffee shop is not an easy thing to do. First, you’ll be competing with huge cafes with popular brand names like Starbucks and Peets.

Who can blame these people, these huge cafes had made it to the top, they know what they are doing and they have successfully mixed business with science. But, do you know that here in Local Atlanta, some coffee shops have succeeded and are now famous in the state.

How do they do it?

city 3099790 960 720 - Secret behind the Success of Coffee Shops

The very first thing they do is find the perfect location. The location of the business you are planning to start is essential; it could make or break you. With a coffee shop, you must keep in mind that speed is crucial and not just the speed but if your consumers are spending long hours finding your store and looking for a parking, they might not even try and enter your business.

Second, providing high-quality products, if you want to succeed with your café venture, consistently is the key. You should have a clear guideline on how things should properly work in your café like how espresso shots are poured and how milk steaming is done the proper way.

Third, offer superb customer service in a very comforting environment.  You might have learned about what makes a good customer service, but, above all your employees should be friendly, attending to customer’s concern and serve all your products efficiently.

Fourth, have a simple looking yet flexible menu. Come up with a recipe so that your barista won’t have to ask the customer for their order for several times. For a sample, the drinks included in your recipe should be with a double shot and a single shot as an option. By doing so, you are speeding up your café’s ordering process and are a lot friendlier for those people who are not used to going to coffee shops.

Alright, let me tell you a revelation before I discuss the last important part in today’s cafe business trending tactics, my friends (who also love coffee) and I have been managing a small coffee shop now in the metropolitan Atlanta. I can tell you it’s not easy at first, but if you at least follow and put these suggestions into working process, I’m sure you’ll get by.

So lastly, dig in to social media and online marketing. We hired a local, Atlanta SEO company ( to help us understand how it actually works. And it’s been helping us put our online presence in the internet world. This is really good for the business.

These components are essential to the success of your café business. If I were you, I’ll keep these things in mind. Don’t be afraid to do what you love and experiment.

5 Things You Shouldn’t Miss in Atlanta Today

Are you planning to visit Atlanta anytime soon? If so then, congratulations! You’ve chosen the right place to visit and you will never regret to choose Atlanta. Visiting Atlanta is like checking out a treasure trove full of rich culture and history that is offered not only for locals but to visitors like you as well. In other words, there are a lot of opportunities you shouldn’t miss that will surely be enjoyed by your family and friends.

Aside from the fact that Atlanta is the place where the busiest airport can be found, but it also prides itself on its jaw-dropping sceneries and a whole lot more. Read on so you can start your virtual tour to the things you shouldn’t miss in Atlanta!

High Museum Art

pexels photo 69903 300x200 - 5 Things You Shouldn’t Miss in Atlanta Today

If you’re interested in art then you will surely love this museum. High museum art is the leading art museum in Southeast and it houses an art collection that can is suitable for all ages. You can enjoy different contemporary art collection up to the classic. There are also tons of award-winning architecture plus educational programs you can check out. Lastly, there are special events which every tourist must see.

Georgia Aquarium

aquarium 725798 960 720 300x167 - 5 Things You Shouldn’t Miss in Atlanta Today

This is the biggest aquarium you will see in Atlanta with 10 million gals. of both fresh water and salt water. As a matter of fact, Georgia Aquarium is the biggest aquarium in the world with fresh and salt water. Aside from the fascinating artificial underwater habitat, Georgia Aquarium also showcases theaters, interactive displays, animal interactions, interactive displays, and more magical experience perfect for all ages.

Atlanta Botanical Garden

outdoors 1016550 960 720 300x167 - 5 Things You Shouldn’t Miss in Atlanta Today

Why visit here? It’s just one of the top 10 Botanical Gardens featured by USA Today, and one of the top 3 must-visit places in the entire Atlanta featured by TripAdvisor. Atlanta Botanical Garden is a superb garden that will leave you breathless the moment you lay your eyes on it.

Zoo Atlanta

zoo 244765 960 720 1 300x167 - 5 Things You Shouldn’t Miss in Atlanta Today

Lots of love for animals, Zoo Atlanta features more than 1,000 animals that represent more than 200 species that came from different parts of the world. If you love animals, be sure to put this on top of your list! Brace yourself from seeing a wide variety of species from the most known to the rarest there is on the planet. Zoo Atlanta is a very comfy place not only for guests but also to the animals they feature. Be entertained and educated at the same time and don’t forget to see the Giant Panda twins!

Legoland Discovery Center Atlanta

legoland 262497 960 720 300x167 - 5 Things You Shouldn’t Miss in Atlanta Today

Who doesn’t recognize Legoland? It’s what kids and grown-ups still patronize up to date! Legoland Discovery Center Atlanta features two rides, a 4D cinema, build stations, and so much more. Take your time to stop by with your little siblings or kids on Tuesdays at 10 am. Be immersed in guided plays and story tie for 30 minutes, and then hang out for as long as you want.

Do you want to see more? Then what are you waiting for? Pack your things now and see the beauty of Atlanta for yourself!

What is Meant by the Third Wave of Coffee?

Have you heard the term “third wave coffee” before? Well, if you are the type of person who gets tired easily of things, you would probably find something new after experiencing the same thing 2 or 3 already.

The Third Wave Coffee’s Birth

The term “the third wave of coffee” was born from the continuous talk of people regarding innovation, plantation, importation, and roasting techniques together with the admiration for excellent baristas. But of course, you should never forget the great outfits of coffee shop crews, their conducive environment thanks to its fantastic interior. So as a result, the new and third waves of coffee and coffee shops were born.

If you want something new about coffee shops then this is what you’ve been waiting for. Say goodbye to the old and boring taste of coffee that you’ve tried before and checked this new wave of coffees in the modern coffee shops. Based on the coffee ambassador of one of the leading third wave coffee companies, this new trend in the coffee industry is a specialized blend.

Coffee for Nerds

pexels photo 297755 - What is Meant by the Third Wave of Coffee?

On the other hand, Teresa von Fuch implied that if it’s not your thing then you might not get into it. It’s like a coffee made for nerds and so only real nerds will appreciate it. She also cleared that it’s not “elitist, but really it’s just nerdiness.” But if you really are interested to try it then you are most welcome to join the club.

What Makes Third Wave Coffee Shops Special?

Indeed, there are tons of coffee shops worldwide let alone in New York. However, what puts third wave coffee shops on edge of advantage is their significant type of coffee on offer. It’s not just based whether they got their beans from a plantation in East Africa or somewhere else, it’s about knowing the signs and signifiers.

For one thing, size matters a lot. For instance, if your company is huge then you would most likely get a big amount of beans. But, you have to get special beans or “top-of-the-line” beans which are normally rare. You also have to ask the right questions using the right words. A lot of words can mean something else for other people especially if they don’t really use that kind of special beans you’re looking for.

Therefore, ask them what they understand about certain words such as direct trade and fair trade. Ask them if the beans are roasted and who the suppliers are. If they can’t give the right answers especially regarding the fair trade, then perhaps they’re not really using it. What if the sellers said the right words, does it mean they’re telling the truth? People lie so trust your 6th sense and you’ll get the right bargain.

The Price Speaks its Quality

Third wave coffee shops attract a lot of curious coffee drinkers and not just because of its price but also because of its controversial image. Just imagine a dark old man carrying a bag full of beans on his back which somehow tells something about its price.

Yes, it’s got a higher price because it’s truly special and it needs more work before it reaches your table.

The Importance of Coffee Shops in the Neighborhood

More than taste and thirst satisfaction, coffee is widely known as a popular drink especially in the UK and America. If people don’t drink tea or milk then most probably, they drink coffee.  Now, when it comes to the rebirth of urban in the US, one of the most common and hardest questions covers the residential and commercial development: the importance of coffee shops in the neighborhood. As a matter of fact, some people have categorized this under the “chicken-and-egg-questions”


Customer and Resident Magnet

One of the first establishments that go with this question is the coffee shop. Typically, coffee shops are the first commercial operations that run in the district or neighborhood which attracts both customers and residents in the area. Thus, their activity to generate sales from customers also contributes to the development of the neighborhood.

Commercial Development

Coffee shops in urban areas are considered as “catalyst” of the pedestrian activities which increases the bustle of the city according to Amanda Napoli from Urban Times article. Coffee shops help a lot in creating lively streetscapes by producing a huge percentage of customers in these particular areas. As a matter of fact, there are many places especially in the US that serve as a hub for coffee lovers. For instance, coffee shops can be found all over the area of urban Columbus which also predates more commercial developments in the neighboring areas.

Hub of Social Interaction

Though most coffee shops offer almost the same options for customers, each coffee shop has its own character or trademark that differentiates their customers from other shops. Aside from this, the best coffee shops also serve as a social hub for both visitors and residents in the area. A lot of great things happen in coffee shops because customers feel more relaxed and connected while they hang out in a friendly environment.

Thus, the coffee shop is the usual place where friendship builds, develops, and strengthens over the years. Most importantly, it is the place where community problems or even business deals are done.

Evokes Creativity

Some people say creative people usually hang out in coffee shops. Do you agree with this? Well, it may be right because the best coffee shops are also the center of art, music, and new ideas. If you’ve noticed already, each coffee shop has its own trademark that attracts customers inside. Coffee shops are great for impressing customers from their interior to the friendly crew and the fantastic taste of their coffee.

If you want to be familiarized with a certain area, you can just visit in a local coffee shop for a while and get friendly talks plus interviews with some local residents. Once you get along with them, they would gladly give you the information you need without even making it sound like an interview.

According to the Franklinton Development Association, the neighborhood coffee shops can be really considered a sign of progress and catalyst for future expansion projects. Therefore, never underestimate the power of coffee shops and their contribution to the beauty and improvement of its local governments.

Atlanta, GA Business Events to Check Out Before February Ends!

Before February ends, why not spend some of your precious time attending business events in Atlanta? If you have no idea where to start, we will help you find your way to be sure to read this entire post and jot down the important dates and name of events.


pexels photo 776615 copy - Atlanta, GA Business Events to Check Out Before February Ends!

Website SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Course Atlanta EB

This February 23, 2018, mark your calendar because the Zarlun Institute will be sharing this terrific course for as low as $29.99 to $49.99. The course will start from 10:30 am to 12:00 pm. If you are a small business owner, self-employed, or start-up company owner then you are welcome to attend this event. The topic would be “Website Optimization – Your Products and Services Found When a Customer is Searching for It”.


Dualpreneur – How to Run a Successful Business with a J.O.B

This one-day event on February 24 will be presented by Connecting Atlanta at 980 Ponce de Leon Avenue NE, Ponce de Leon Library, Atlanta from 10:15 am to 12:00 pm. Learn about how to manage your time effectively, maximize the use of autopilot on your business while you’re busy in office works, scale business quicker, and plan your journey to becoming a full-time entrepreneur.


“Meet the Boss” Seminar Series

Join the Future Entrepreneurs Chamber of Commerce as they host their first seminar on February 24, 2018, at Georgia Hill Neighborhood Center, 250 Georgia Suite 209 Atlanta, Ga 30312 US from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm. Grab this opportunity to ask questions to the owner of ThreadzAtlanta Moses Fils and meet the mastermind behind the premier clothing boutique in Atlanta. The first 25 people to get a reservation will get a chance to join the raffle and win a $50 gift card.


The Final Pitch

This event by BIB (Break Into Business) is a special event for young entrepreneurs ages 9 to 14 which aims to help them present their business plan to a panel of Investors. If you know of some who are young entrepreneurs, sign them up for this event and help them grow as successful entrepreneurs. They will also get a chance to win as the “favorite entrepreneur” from the total votes of the audience members. Sign them up for this event for as low as $15 – $55.

Don’t miss these Atlanta business events and learn a lot from the experts in the industry without spending much. Invite your family or friends who are also interested in this same industry and grow together! Tune in with Two Story Coffee for more juicy information and interesting posts!

7 Reasons Why Customers Love to Visit Coffee Shops

Are you a coffee lover? If yes, what made you love coffee over other drinks out there? For many of us, coffee is like one of the most delicious beverages to have. Coffee should be present right after we get out of bed, during break times on work, or even at night while working overtime to meet the deadlines.

Many of us visit coffee shop daily, weekly or at least once a month. However, not everyone who visits a coffee shop hangs there for the same reasons. Whatever is your favorite coffee shop to hang out, let’s find out the top reasons why people visit coffee shops.


woman 2937160 960 720 - 7 Reasons Why Customers Love to Visit Coffee Shops

(Simple) They Want Coffee

Obviously, this reason deserves to be on the number 1 spot more than anything else. Whether dropping by to a coffee shop is the first thing on their list or not, coffee is really a best-selling drink in America and other countries. Even in the afternoon and evening, people love dropping by to have some coffee to whip with cream, sugar, or just plain black to savor.


They Drink Coffee for Breakfast

If you’re struggling to swallow your breakfast because you don’t have the energy, why not try coffee? Many coffee lovers pair up coffee with their breakfast to complete their meal.


They are a Coffee Expert

Have you seen people in a cloud 9 before while taking their first sip of coffee? Well, that’s just one of the feelings they get when they got a really good one after drinking coffee their entire lives. Coffee experts love tasting every type of roast, coffee, and brew they can encounter especially in other countries so they seldom get the same taste twice. These people believe that nothing will beat black coffee and that coffee flavors are worthy to jot down.


They Want Coffee as Dessert

Coffees can be either hot or cold and the cold ones are the most favorite desserts like caramel macchiato Frappuccino with a double pump of mocha, extra sugar, milk, whipped cream, and light coffee. Other people even buy desserts that are coffee flavored just to get some taste of it.


They’re Stalking their Crush

Whether it’s one of the regular customers or the barista, some people visit coffee shops just to stalk their crush. Have you tried this before? If you’re planning to take a shot, keep trying until you get their number!


They’re Doing Some Light-Heavy Studying

Whether it’s just a pop quiz or major examination, coffee serves as their fuel to study until they cover everything that would be or might be part of the test. Burning the midnight oil with a coffee beside them is also very effective to keep their mind alert.


They’re Addicted to Caffeine

Some people can’t help it but they find coffee addicting. If you’re one of them, take a step back now and switch to a healthier drink like tea.

In which item do you think you fit in? Whether you drink coffee as part of your daily routine or just something you want to try once in a while, coffee shops ever stop to invent and reinvent tastes to satisfy coffee lovers in the world.