5 Things You Shouldn’t Miss in Atlanta Today

Are you planning to visit Atlanta anytime soon? If so then, congratulations! You’ve chosen the right place to visit and you will never regret to choose Atlanta. Visiting Atlanta is like checking out a treasure trove full of rich culture and history that is offered not only for locals but to visitors like you as well. In other words, there are a lot of opportunities you shouldn’t miss that will surely be enjoyed by your family and friends.

Aside from the fact that Atlanta is the place where the busiest airport can be found, but it also prides itself on its jaw-dropping sceneries and a whole lot more. Read on so you can start your virtual tour to the things you shouldn’t miss in Atlanta!

High Museum Art

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If you’re interested in art then you will surely love this museum. High museum art is the leading art museum in Southeast and it houses an art collection that can is suitable for all ages. You can enjoy different contemporary art collection up to the classic. There are also tons of award-winning architecture plus educational programs you can check out. Lastly, there are special events which every tourist must see.

Georgia Aquarium

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This is the biggest aquarium you will see in Atlanta with 10 million gals. of both fresh water and salt water. As a matter of fact, Georgia Aquarium is the biggest aquarium in the world with fresh and salt water. Aside from the fascinating artificial underwater habitat, Georgia Aquarium also showcases theaters, interactive displays, animal interactions, interactive displays, and more magical experience perfect for all ages.

Atlanta Botanical Garden

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Why visit here? It’s just one of the top 10 Botanical Gardens featured by USA Today, and one of the top 3 must-visit places in the entire Atlanta featured by TripAdvisor. Atlanta Botanical Garden is a superb garden that will leave you breathless the moment you lay your eyes on it.

Zoo Atlanta

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Lots of love for animals, Zoo Atlanta features more than 1,000 animals that represent more than 200 species that came from different parts of the world. If you love animals, be sure to put this on top of your list! Brace yourself from seeing a wide variety of species from the most known to the rarest there is on the planet. Zoo Atlanta is a very comfy place not only for guests but also to the animals they feature. Be entertained and educated at the same time and don’t forget to see the Giant Panda twins!

Legoland Discovery Center Atlanta

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Who doesn’t recognize Legoland? It’s what kids and grown-ups still patronize up to date! Legoland Discovery Center Atlanta features two rides, a 4D cinema, build stations, and so much more. Take your time to stop by with your little siblings or kids on Tuesdays at 10 am. Be immersed in guided plays and story tie for 30 minutes, and then hang out for as long as you want.

Do you want to see more? Then what are you waiting for? Pack your things now and see the beauty of Atlanta for yourself!

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