About Two Story Coffee

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Who We Are?

Two Story Coffee is owned by Frank Eberhard, he was a coffee lover even when he was teen. He can’t imagine his life without coffee so he decided to learn more about it, until he became a coffee specialist. He never intended to keep his passion to himself that’s why he opened the Two Story Coffee café.

For Frank, coffee is not just a commodity, it has the ability to bring joy to life through its great aromas and flavors but, it also has the ability to bring people together. He believes that every coffee from particular people, culture and places has its own story to tell.


Our Business

Two Story Coffee is not your typical coffee shop as we offer extraordinary products with a superb service that does justice to the people who are working behind it and to the people enjoying it. Our goal is to serve our customers with sensory experience and full of connection to the world around us.

To be able to do that, Two Story Coffee is now with a roaster and a lab. We can now select and roast your favorite coffees and deliver that fresh coffee directly into our customer’s hands. Here at Two Story Coffee, we are passionate not only about coffee but, we are looking forward in providing excellent service and products to our beloved patrons.

Together let’s bring joy to others people’s live with coffee!