The Importance of Coffee Shops in the Neighborhood

More than taste and thirst satisfaction, coffee is widely known as a popular drink especially in the UK and America. If people don’t drink tea or milk then most probably, they drink coffee.  Now, when it comes to the rebirth of urban in the US, one of the most common and hardest questions covers the residential and commercial development: the importance of coffee shops in the neighborhood. As a matter of fact, some people have categorized this under the “chicken-and-egg-questions”


Customer and Resident Magnet

One of the first establishments that go with this question is the coffee shop. Typically, coffee shops are the first commercial operations that run in the district or neighborhood which attracts both customers and residents in the area. Thus, their activity to generate sales from customers also contributes to the development of the neighborhood.

Commercial Development

Coffee shops in urban areas are considered as “catalyst” of the pedestrian activities which increases the bustle of the city according to Amanda Napoli from Urban Times article. Coffee shops help a lot in creating lively streetscapes by producing a huge percentage of customers in these particular areas. As a matter of fact, there are many places especially in the US that serve as a hub for coffee lovers. For instance, coffee shops can be found all over the area of urban Columbus which also predates more commercial developments in the neighboring areas.

Hub of Social Interaction

Though most coffee shops offer almost the same options for customers, each coffee shop has its own character or trademark that differentiates their customers from other shops. Aside from this, the best coffee shops also serve as a social hub for both visitors and residents in the area. A lot of great things happen in coffee shops because customers feel more relaxed and connected while they hang out in a friendly environment.

Thus, the coffee shop is the usual place where friendship builds, develops, and strengthens over the years. Most importantly, it is the place where community problems or even business deals are done.

Evokes Creativity

Some people say creative people usually hang out in coffee shops. Do you agree with this? Well, it may be right because the best coffee shops are also the center of art, music, and new ideas. If you’ve noticed already, each coffee shop has its own trademark that attracts customers inside. Coffee shops are great for impressing customers from their interior to the friendly crew and the fantastic taste of their coffee.

If you want to be familiarized with a certain area, you can just visit in a local coffee shop for a while and get friendly talks plus interviews with some local residents. Once you get along with them, they would gladly give you the information you need without even making it sound like an interview.

According to the Franklinton Development Association, the neighborhood coffee shops can be really considered a sign of progress and catalyst for future expansion projects. Therefore, never underestimate the power of coffee shops and their contribution to the beauty and improvement of its local governments.

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Atlanta, GA Business Events to Check Out Before February Ends!

Before February ends, why not spend some of your precious time attending business events in Atlanta? If you have no idea where to start, we will help you find your way to be sure to read this entire post and jot down the important dates and name of events.


pexels photo 776615 copy - Atlanta, GA Business Events to Check Out Before February Ends!

Website SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Course Atlanta EB

This February 23, 2018, mark your calendar because the Zarlun Institute will be sharing this terrific course for as low as $29.99 to $49.99. The course will start from 10:30 am to 12:00 pm. If you are a small business owner, self-employed, or start-up company owner then you are welcome to attend this event. The topic would be “Website Optimization – Your Products and Services Found When a Customer is Searching for It”.


Dualpreneur – How to Run a Successful Business with a J.O.B

This one-day event on February 24 will be presented by Connecting Atlanta at 980 Ponce de Leon Avenue NE, Ponce de Leon Library, Atlanta from 10:15 am to 12:00 pm. Learn about how to manage your time effectively, maximize the use of autopilot on your business while you’re busy in office works, scale business quicker, and plan your journey to becoming a full-time entrepreneur.


“Meet the Boss” Seminar Series

Join the Future Entrepreneurs Chamber of Commerce as they host their first seminar on February 24, 2018, at Georgia Hill Neighborhood Center, 250 Georgia Suite 209 Atlanta, Ga 30312 US from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm. Grab this opportunity to ask questions to the owner of ThreadzAtlanta Moses Fils and meet the mastermind behind the premier clothing boutique in Atlanta. The first 25 people to get a reservation will get a chance to join the raffle and win a $50 gift card.


The Final Pitch

This event by BIB (Break Into Business) is a special event for young entrepreneurs ages 9 to 14 which aims to help them present their business plan to a panel of Investors. If you know of some who are young entrepreneurs, sign them up for this event and help them grow as successful entrepreneurs. They will also get a chance to win as the “favorite entrepreneur” from the total votes of the audience members. Sign them up for this event for as low as $15 – $55.

Don’t miss these Atlanta business events and learn a lot from the experts in the industry without spending much. Invite your family or friends who are also interested in this same industry and grow together! Tune in with Two Story Coffee for more juicy information and interesting posts!

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