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At Two Story we believe the "perfect" cup of coffee is the one you enjoy the most. Selecting bean and brew method based on your preference allows you to get the cup that gives you the most enjoyable experience possible. And don't be afraid to add a little something, something to it. We want you to drink it how you will enjoy it most!

Our Coffee Offerings

We serve a variety of Counter Culture Coffee offerings at Two Story. Keeping in mind that everyone's taste preference is different, we attempt to have something for everyone by offering coffees that all have distinct flavors and are span a wide range of the spectrum. 

Coffees currently on our menu board:

Boka - This coffee from the village of Bonta in Papua New Guinea. It come from a single-farmer lot, and is named after that farmer. "This one-of-a-kind coffee has a syrupy sweetness that is accentuated by a balanced pear-like acidity with notes of vanilla, stone fruit and a delicate savoriness." 

Cueva De Los Llanos

Jarama - Jarama is a farm located in the Rwandan village of Gihombo. It is found in the Nyamasheke region, which is typically known for tea production. This coffee has notes of raisin, brown sugar, and clementine.  

Big Trouble - Brewed using our batch method so it is ready when you are, this blend is comprised of coffees from Apu, Peru, Chachagui, Colombia and Haupu, Timor. Its flavor profile is characterized by a round, caramel nuttiness. You'll get it quick, but will enjoy it throughout the entire cup!

Our Methods

Our go-to method of brewing coffee is the Pour-Over using the Hario V60. We measure and grind the coffee beans for each individual cup as well as measure out the water. Pour-overs allow us to manipulate many of the smaller elements of brewing coffee such as making sure that all grounds are used evenly or that the coffee is allowed to "bloom" and facilitate a better extraction.

In addition to the traditional pour-our method, we also serve Chemex and French Pressed coffee. Each has it's own unique makeup and flavor, come by to try them side by side.

Cold Brew is a relatively new brew method to Two Story. If you have never seen or heard about our Cold Brew tower, ask about it next time you're in the shop. It not only produces great iced coffee, it is fun to watch! Using ice cold water instead of hot water to brew our cold brew concentrate avoids the bitter flavors of coffee that is brewed hot and shocked over cold ice. It also avoids the bitterness occurs when coffee is brewed hot and left to cool, caused by the continued extraction of the undissolved solids in the liquid. Brewing slowly - over the course of 9 hours - the cold liquid is given plenty of time to interact with the coffee grounds, producing the perfect level of extraction. Our cold brew tower produced a cold brew concentrate which, when mixed with water over ice, provides the perfect way to experience refreshment with that wonderful coffee taste during the hot months of summer!

Our newest method uses our Fetco brewer and is known at Two Story as "Batch Brew." The Fetco allows us to produce coffee in quantities larger than the single cup we get with our other methods. This allows us to have coffee readily available for our customers who are in a hurry, or who simply wish to get a simple, yet delicious, cup of coffee. We refuse to sacrifice qualify for efficiency. So, we make sure our Batch Brew is incredibly enjoyable. We also store it in a gravity airpot and never let it sit for more than 90 minutes, assuring that we maintain freshness and the high level of quality expected at Two Story. 

Our Fetco also enables us to offer Flash Brewed Iced Coffee. For this method, we use a precise coffee-to-water ratio that produces a higher extraction for more concentration, but it doesn't stay that way for long. We brew the coffee directly into a container with ice, which immediately cools the coffee and, as it melts, brings the coffee to perfect equilibrium. The result: a delicious iced coffee ready for enjoyment. 

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