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Espresso is coffee brewed under pressure. Because of this disinguishing factor, the coffee is ground very fine, less water is used to brew it, and the final product is a concentrated concoction. We do our espresso as a ristretto double shot - meaning that it is a more concentrated shot, usually around 1.5 - 2 ounces. We choose to make our espresso this way because it is a really pure way to exhibit out coffee. A shot of espresso can be made in 30 seconds, but can be enjoyed for as long as you can make it last.


We serve Counter Culture's Hologram as our espresso. A blend of La Voz from Guatemala (50%), Idido Natural Sundried from Ethiopia (40%) and Idido Washed from Ethiopia (10%), Hologram is characterized by juicy fruits and chocolate flavors. 


Espresso - A double shot of the straight stuff.  We pull ristretto - which means restricted or limited - shot of espresso. We do this by extracting the espresso using less than the 2 oz. of water that is typical of a double shot. This actually helps make the espresso more balanced and enhances the sweetness of the shot. When it comes to flavor, "restricted" and "limited" have nothing to do with it. 

Macchiato - Made by "dotting" a double shot of espresso with 2 oz. of steamed milk, this 3 oz. drink allows you to experience the concentrated flavors of the espresso with the addition of sweet steamed milk mixed in. 

Cortado -  Like the macchiato, this is a drink that is designed to highlight the flavor of the espresso. It is a 4 oz. drink made with a double shot and 3 oz. of milk, resulting in a slight "cutting" of the intensity of the espresso, while maintaining the experience of it's incredible flavor.

Cappuccino - One of our favorite drinks around the shop, the cappuccino contains equal parts espresso, steamed milk and micro foam. The third part - the "cap" of foam at the top - is where its name is derived. This delicious 6 oz drink still lets the flavor of the espresso take the lead, but is perfect for people who enjoy a little more steamed milk to compliment it. 

Latte - Served as a 12 or 16 oz. drink, a latte is a great way to get you espresso fix if you aren't quite into the concentrated flavor. With a double shot as its base, the latte contains mostly steamed milk, cutting the espresso for a milk coffee flavor and an incredibly enjoyable experience. We offer a variety of flavors that customers love to add to add to the great taste.

Americano - This is a great one for coffee lovers who like the taste profile of espresso! Simply, an Americano is a double shot of espresso pulled over hot water. Served as a 12 or 16 oz. drink, it allows the customer to experience the flavor produced by the espresso brew method in the concentration of a typical cup of coffee. This is a great way to introduce yourself to the world of espresso, especially if you aren't the biggest fan of milk.   

Iced Latte - A 16 oz. drink with that great espresso flavor in milk chilled with ice for those days you need something cool. Great served as is or with a flavor added. Try our homemade vanilla or chocolate syrup.

Frozen Latte - Just like the iced latte, this drink is a 16 oz. concoction of that great espresso flavor in milk. The difference is when we add ice, we blend it up for a shake-like consistency. 

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